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What do our clients say?

“Our company was incredibly surprised and pleased with the results of all of your work. The savings were absolutely huge… I would recommend your services to any company that needs a review.”

     Rio Energy International, Inc.

“I would like to thank you and let you know that we are very pleased with the quality of service J. Joseph Consulting has provided…. I specifically appreciate your responsiveness and the openness in which you conduct business.”

     JD Rush Corporation

“J. Joseph Consulting, Inc. has provided property tax saving strategies and management solutions to significantly reduce Energy Alloy's annual property tax liability. Due to J. Joseph Consulting's excellent service, professionalism and commitment we can highly recommend them…”

     Energy Alloys LLC

“For the past three years, your team at J. Joseph Consulting has handled our property tax reporting with an energy and professionalism I didn't think existed in your industry.  Your team is very customer service oriented and takes great care in ensuring our filings are correct and accurate.”


“J. Joseph Consulting understood our immediate need for mitigating our property tax obligations and stepped up to the challenge to see us through to the realization of significant tax savings.  I applaud J. Joseph Consulting for their world-class service and professionalism.”

     Cobalt International Energy, Inc.

“Beyond the savings, your team's diligent attention to our cases throughout the entire property taxation and assessment process has eased our administrative burdens a great deal.  We look forward to more of this valuable business relationship.”

     Exploreco International, LLC.


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What do our clients say?

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